• On having courage…

    On courage...

    Beautiful soul, you’ve got to blaze your own path.

    Start a fire in your heart and a spark in your soul.

    In the heat, some are lost and others consumed.

    But not you – you are forged from the flames.

    It is a courageous act to truly live.

    It is a courageous act to fully love.

    You have the courage to live a life of your own.

    You are brave

    some may settle for a mediocre life, a life that’s half lived — but not you.

    the struggle and straddle between two worlds.

    you are brave.

    you are meant for a life that is bold, beautiful and rare.

    may you always have the strength and courage to listen to your soul and follow your heart.

    may you know that you are supported by the unseen with all their love and might.

    may you truly live your own life, as a testament to your unique essence that has blessed us with your presence in this lifetime.

    love & positivity ✨ phi

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