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  • Lunar New Year Wood Dragon 🐉

    This episode is all about tapping into the Lunar New Year 2024 energy of the Wood Dragon. Drawing parallels between the lunar energies, Chinese Zodiac and personal development, you will be taken on a journey to reflect on your own life exploring personal power and your emotions. The episode concludes with a meditation to connect with your inner dragon. 

    Episode Introduction - Lunar New Year Wood Dragon

    Hello Beautiful Soul,

    Can you believe it’s already February. Personally for me this is the fastest January I’ve had go by in my life, most years January feels quite slow and paced but not in 2024! Speaking of which going by new years we have the upcoming Lunar New Year on the 10th in the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Dragon. This episode is all about dragon energy and personal power.

    Chinese Zodiac Dragon Symbolism

    The dragon represents power, success, good fortune, courage in the Chinese Zodiac.

    Chinese Zodiac Wood Element

    Within the subset of dragon, the element this year is that of wood. The last time we had the year of the dragon was in 2012 however that was the year of the water dragon. The wood element in the Chinese Zodiac is rooted in that of mighty trees. 

    Wood is about expansion, growth, pushing, changing, movement and progress. Wood of all the elements is alive and dynamic.

    Wood is patient, grounded and down to earth. 

    Wood has structure: strong, reliable, organised, diving deep into the details and inner workings.

    Wood seeks direction. Wood grows in the dark and moves towards the light. Just as humans do, we can grow from the darkness: the struggles and challenges. As our highest selves we move towards the light, we remember the light, we remember we come from both the dark and light.

    Wood is sociable, think of the underground networks of trees of the interconnection, interaction, cooperation.

    Wood is associated with the Spring Season – freshness, new beginnings, coming back to life.

    Wood Dragon Emotions

    The emotion of wood in the Chinese Zodiac is anger and frustration. Think of it being pent up, repression, to become wooden, hard, inflexible instead of swaying with the wind, snapping in the wind. Repressed anger comes to the surface as sarcasm, bitterness and being cynical. 

    Drawing from the lineage of the wood element, in the Chinese Zodiac this is linked to the element of water. From a Chinese Zodiac perspective, anger is rooted in fear. Anger is in response to fear. Anger speaks from a place of “I am scared and I need to protect myself.” 

    Wood Dragon - Traditional Chinese Medicine

    The body parts in Traditional Chinese Medicine associated with wood are the liver and gallbladder. These organs are in charge of detoxification. So of course repressing anger, it builds up, it isn’t cleared but stuck energetically in the body. When we want to escape from our feelings or ignore them what happens societally speaking? We turn to alcohol and substances that greatly impact the liver. 

    Wood Dragon Reiki

    Drawing from research found through the lens of reiki it says if we can’t turn aggression into expression, purpose, fuel and striving towards bettering ourselves and goals that it can lead to gout, arthritis, stiff body parts, constipation, auto immune or auto aggressive disorders. Interestingly, these conditions are more often found in women, and in patriarchal cultures women have less opportunity than men do to express themselves, especially when it comes to carrying through with an idea or venting their anger.

    Source: Reiki Evolution

    Wood Dragon - Perspective on Anger

    An interesting perspective next time you feel angry at any point this year, ask yourself where is the fear here, what am I scared of? For example boundaries, being angry someone crossed it because the fear of what happens when they do – it leaves you vulnerable and at a disadvantage. 

    Ask yourself have I been able to express my anger in a healthy and appropriate way?

    Anger is powerful weaving this all in, when we have sacred rage, there’s heat, there’s energy we take action, it motivates and drives us. Anger is something we can also hold over people in the shadow because it makes us feel powerful. Anger can give us direction, do we use our anger to move forward and away from the shadow towards the light (freedom).

    Wood Dragon - Emotional Alchemy

    It’s about transmuting the raw nature of anger into being assertive. Of course what’s being channeled through as I connect the dots to what I initially did for the 2024 energy is that of boundaries. When we are angry we decide, I don’t like this, I am not putting up with this, I am moving away from this. 

    The shadow of wood? The focus on expansion and growth can lose sight of the groundedness, rapid expansion in the name of ego. With ego our anger can turn to revenge and retribution – feelings of hatred, rage, aggression and fury. With ego our anger can turn to being and feeling a victim instead of stepping into our personal power.

    The key with the wood element: flexibility – not being too rigid and stuck where you aren’t move but not too much that there’s no foundation and it’s easily broken. Having just spoken about power… 


    I think the term ‘power’ is interesting because it’s quite an emotionally and energetically charged word. Power can be seen as positive or negative depending on your life experiences and upbringing. There are distinctions within power, spiritual power – that is of self and your inner world, it could be physical power of strength, it could be cultural power – the influence of the media, social institutions, systematic power such as hierarchy, religions and politics.

    Wood Dragon - Spiritual Power

    In the context of spirituality power is framed around your energy, the force within you. With lunar new year let’s take inspiration from the dragon, how can you unleash and tap into your inner dragon? Dragons are considered powerful from a Chinese perspective because they have cosmic breath which is pure life force energy to create and transform. Dragons are believed to be ascended serpents which takes root in kundalini energy.

    Wood Dragon - Human Design

    I personally love this because I see that link to human design for generators and manifesting generators especially – when you feel most alive that is when you are most magnetic, your sacral, pure life force energy. From there anything is possible, you become magnetic to manifest, you have that flow to take inspired action and do the work.

    The sacral isn’t just limited to generators and manifesting generators, we can tap into our sacral and life force energy even as a manifestor, reflector or projector too.

    Your Inner Dragon

    Dragon energy is power and strength because it is to be resilient. Dragons can survive in all sorts of environments whether its land, sea or sky. With their cosmic breath they can create, they are powerful manifestors. Reflect on moments in your life where you demonstrated strength and resilience. How can you channel and cultivate this inner strength, similar to a dragon facing challenges? 

    Your Inner Dragon - Authority

    Dragon energy is powerful because of their commanding presence creates authority. What does authority mean to you? How do you perceive your own authority and leadership potential? Reflect on your past leadership achievements, no matter how small. How can you acknowledge and celebrate your successes as a leader? Imagine yourself possessing a commanding presence similar to a dragon. How can you enhance your presence in various aspects of your life, whether it’s at work, in relationships, or within your community? 

    Your Inner Dragon - Balance of Masculine and Feminine Energies

    Dragon is yang energy (masculine and active) complemented by Phoenix energy which is (feminine and flow). Tapping into the yang masculine energy, how can you adopt a more strategic approach in your decision-making and planning, both in your personal and professional life? With these ancient wisdoms, how can you draw upon wisdom that has been perhaps shared with you?

    Dragon Vitality

    Dragons are known for energy that gives way to rebirth and revitalisation. What very much comes to mind is that quote on Instagram:

    “A lot of people feel burnt out because they feel like they’re doing too much when actually they are doing too little of the things that make make them feel alive, too little of the things that matter.” What are the things that make you feel alive and matter to you?

    Year of the Dragon 2024 Opportunities ​

    Dragon energy is prosperity and what I’m really channeling through is opportunities. How can you create more opportunities in your life? What opportunities are untapped within yourself, life, career and network currently? I think we are also so used to focusing on the lack and scarcity when it comes to money, so let’s flip this: reflect on the milestones and achievements in your pursuit of prosperity. How can you celebrate these victories, acknowledging the progress you’ve made?

    Wood Dragon 2024 Meditation

    To end this podcast episode I’d love to invite you to take part in a meditation to connect with your inner dragon. 

    Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable space. You may sit or lie down in a relaxed position or what I’m really channeling for effectiveness is if you can, to stand up doing this meditation. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Inhale slowly through your nose, hold for a moment, and let it all out through your mouth, we are channeling the dragon after all. Release your breath as you think a dragon would. Allow any tension to dissolve with each breath.

    Draw upon the element of wood. Imagine grounding into the earth as if a strong mighty tree. Feel the solid ground beneath you, supporting and grounding you. Feel yourself putting down networks of roots within Mother Earth. Picture the energy of the earth rising through your body with each breath, creating a strong foundation. 

    Now I want you to set the intention of invoking the presence of your inner dragon. Visualise a warm light surrounding you. This light transforms into a magnificent dragon, coiled around you protectively. What colour is the dragon? It’s scales? How does it feel to look into the eyes of the dragon? How do you feel around this dragon?

    Feel a sense of familiarity and trust as you recognise this as your inner dragon. Imagine the dragon’s breath as a radiant rainbow or golden energy. Inhale deeply, drawing in this powerful energy through your breath. Feel it entering your lungs, circulating through your body, and filling you with strength, courage, and vitality.

    Imagine the dragon’s energy merging with yours. Feel the strength and power of the dragon infusing every cell of your being. Sense the warmth and light spreading through your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Feel the dragon energy igniting a fire within you—an unyielding determination and belief in your abilities. Sense the courage and confidence flowing through you. As you bask in this powerful energy, know that you are capable of overcoming challenges and manifesting your dreams.

    Now, in the presence of the dragon energy, I want you to feel truly interconnected as one with your inner dragon. Imagine your third eye merging with the eye of the dragon. What clear visions and intentions are you being shown? What are the next steps you need to take? What advice does the dragon have for you? How your dragon communicates to you may be hearing a voice, perhaps seeing a picture or symbol, a feeling within your body.

    After you’ve received what you need to see, hear, feel, sense of perceive feel the bliss and gratitude you have for your inner dragon thanking it for it’s guidance, wisdom and protection. Know that your inner dragon is always within you, ready to be activated and connected to. Slowly bring your awareness back to the present moment. Slowly bring your awareness back into your body. Take a few deep breaths, gradually returning to your surroundings. When you feel ready, gently open your eyes.

    Tapping into Wood Dragon 2024 Energy

    In conclusion, exploring the energy of the Lunar New Year Wood Dragon offers us profound insights into our own personal power and potential. The dragon, with its majestic presence and mythical qualities, serves as a powerful metaphor for strength, transformation, and prosperity.

    Much like the dragon, we have the capacity to face challenges with courage and navigate the ever-changing tides of life with strength and power.

    The dragon’s association with good fortune encourages us to reflect on the prosperity of life and what we have already achieved on the path to having more.

    Each one of us has an inner dragon which is pure life force and untapped potential ready to be unleashed. Happy Lunar New Year Beautiful Soul, until next time, love and positivity.

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