• Scorpio Full Moon April 2021

    THIS MOON IS NO JOKE 😩⚡️🔥🌚🦂 Scorpio is here to pack a PUNCH in your life 🥊

    Scorpio is all about intensity and transformation ⚡️

    Expect the light to illuminate the dark, shadows to be brought out to play. Unexpected secrets and truths brought fourth.

    This full moon opposes Taurus which is all about stability vs Scorpio’s growth orientated energy 🌱 – How can you find balance between these polarities?

    When it comes to growth and transformation this goes hand in hand with letting go. What do you need to let go of?

    Letting go isn’t just an ending and finality. It’s a necessity. It’s a part of a beautiful process like falling leaves 🍁

    Fallen leaves don’t just dry up and become useless, they return to the earth and transform into nutrients for new life and growth. Without this cycle there would not be new trees and oxygen.

    The leaves live on in a different form and energy – continuing to make their mark on the world 🧡

    If you’re feeling the unbearable heat and pressure of this moon, you’re not alone – just remember that’s how diamonds are formed 💎

    Scorpio Full Moon April 2021 Free Journaling Prompts


    ✨ What do I want to release from my life?

    ✨ How is my life changing and what changes do I need to initiate?

    ✨ What are your resisting in your life and why? Where are you stuck? What would happen if you let life flow and surrender to change?

    ✨ In all my growth, who am I shedding? Who am I becoming? Where is my soul and intuition guiding me towards?

    ✨ What parts of myself am I afraid of and scared for others to see? If I wasn’t afraid what would I do? Who would I be?

    love & positivity ✨ phi 👁

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