A human design blueprint is an affordable and accessible way to learn your human design! It's a great introduction to human design if you're not sure. It also makes a great present for someone you love.

Human Design Blueprint

A 40 page+ comprehensive guide to your soul - your energetic aura, personality, strengths, areas open to influence and conditioning, how you best energetically flow in the world.

Investment starts at $95 USD ~ $140 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (BLUEPRINT ONLY)

What’s included:

Type: Your energy type (there are 5 in human design: Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors). Each type has a different aura.

Strategy: How you are energetically designed to flow in the world. Learn to work with your natural energy instead of fighting it, getting bitter, frustrated and burnt out.

Authority: How to make the best decisions and apply your human design. There are several types of authorities including sacral, emotional, splenic (intuitive), environmental, self-projected, lunar and ego.

Energetic Centres: Your natural strengths and where you are open to conditioning and external influences.

Profile: Your personality both on a soul and human level.

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NOTE: Pricing is in $USD

How Does It Work?

1. Purchase a blueprint

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2. Emailed blueprint

You will receive your blueprint within 7 days of purchase and providing your chart details (birthday, time of birth and location) if not earlier.