Are you aged 48-52 or struggling in your 50's?

Perhaps you're feeling disillusioned, tested and challenged.

You feel like you're carrying the weight of your past and pain.

Maybe trauma is lingering on your mind...

You're not alone and you don't have to go through it alone.

You're going through what we know as your Chiron Return.

A powerful time of healing.

Chiron demands for you to make peace with your past, pain and wounds. To reevaluate and reconnect with yourself on a human and spiritual level.

During this passage in your life many things can pop up such as health, mortality, loss perhaps death has even touched your life in the loss of a parent or loved one, relationship changes, instability, fears around security, feeling pulled to work on yourself and get more in touch with your spiritual side as examples.

Be kind, gentle and compassionate with yourself we all have wounds. 

Our wounds are not a weakness but an opportunity to transmute our pain and suffering into incredible transformation, strength and the opportunity to help others.

Chaos and crisis are Chiron's catalysts...

The Mythology of Chiron

Source: Astrokate

Chiron the planet is named after one of the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs,” according to Homer in the Iliad.

He is known as the wounded healer because he heals and mentors others yet he has wounds that he cannot heal (because he is immortal) demonstrating the importance of healing. The word ‘chiropractor’ is based on the famous centaur too.

Chiron shows us that our wounds open us up to greatness and for more in life.

What is Chiron Return?

Your Chiron Return marks a notable marker of maturity. Astrologically Chiron represents core wounding that has been present throughout your life.

Spiritually we believe Chiron Return is when you reconcile your humanity with your divinity. The deep connection between mind, body and soul.

The symbol for Chiron above even looks like a key… a key to your soul… a key to your freedom & liberation

Chiron Return Human Design Reading

Who is this for?

Anyone aged 49-52 particularly if you’re feeling the pull to go on a spiritual awakening, path and journey.

What is it:

A live 75 minute reading and call with me + 90 Page Human Design guide to keep on everything we discuss. Think of it as a roadmap and guide on how to navigate your Chiron Return.

What a Chiron Human Design Reading will do for you:

— Pinpoint exactly where Chiron is in your human design chart to understand your greatest wounds and in turn greatest wisdom. Learn how to heal based on your soul blueprint and life themes.

— A deeper understanding of yourself and why you are the way you are + why life is unfolding as it is right now.

— Soul level healing and validation. Together we will delve into your triggers and difficulties you encounter in life.

Book a Chiron Return Human Design Reading with Phi

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