An intimate women's only retreat in Bali 5th-10th August 2024

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    Experience the epitome of empowerment and enrichment: this is an all in one; energising break, healing holiday, personal development immersion and pampering girls getaway. This retreat is for you if you want to feel really deeply passionately alive and overflowing with abundance.

    Embark on this transformative journey within a tropical and magical paradise, being part of a community of like-minded women who value personal growth too. With a small number of no more than 10 women, this allows you to meaningfully connect without overwhelm as well as have time for yourself.

  • We all know that you often start the year enthusiastic and energised however by the middle of the year you feel burnt out, depleted, unhappy and unfulfilled wondering if there’s more to life… This is your invitation to stop playing small and embody the highest version of yourself in 2024. To radically accelerate your personal growth and evolution whilst nurturing your soul.

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What you will get out of the retreat

  • ✨ Reignite Your Inner Fire: Put yourself first and refill your cup. Get away from hustle, melt your stress away and wake up immersed in the enchanting energy of Bali: lush landscapes, ancient wisdom and the peaceful sounds of nature; creating the perfect place for your journey of self growth and development. Rediscover the essence of what sets your soul on fire and energise every facet of your life. Instead of feeling drained by the day-to-day, wake up motivated, deliciously empowered; full of energy and excitement. Become radiant and magnetic with your energy and what makes you, uniquely you.

    ✨ Rewire and Revamp Your Mindset: Break free from your inner critic, the negative voice inside your head that is full of self-doubt and says you’re not enough. Through inspiring workshops and practical exercises, cultivate thoughts and different ways of thinking that empower you to feel mentally strong navigating life’s challenges with strength and resilience. 

    ✨ Revitalise Your Body: Get out of your mind overwhelmed with spiraling thoughts and into your body. Feel amazing with daily yoga sessions, movement and meditations that replenish your mind, body and soul connection. Feel the magic of being deeply connected to your body and intuition, to live a more sensual life where you really experience what it feels like to be fully present and enthusiastically alive. Enjoy nourishing meals and treat yourself to relaxing massages that will restore you on so many levels and layers.

  • ✨ Replenish Your Spirit: Enrich your soul by releasing analysis paralysis, anxiety and worry becoming unburdened through an all inclusive and planned out itinerary combining supportive structure with the ease of feminine flow, free time and fun. This allows you to be in a state of trust and surrender. To play instead of feeling so serious about life.

  • ✨ Reconnect with Your Authentic Self and Feminine Energy: Gain inner clarity and less of the urge to compare yourself. Be uplifted and unstoppable. Feel beautiful, brighter and bolder as you look in the mirror with love and appreciation for yourself. You’re so used to putting everyone else and work first, this is your permission slip to put yourself first and recommit to the most important person in your life: you.

  • ✨ Realign with Your Desires and Dreams:  Beat the anxiety of hitting a slump and feeling like you haven’t done enough by the middle of the year. Have an energetic mid year reset with the Recharge and Renew Retreat: not only do you have something to look forward to this year, it serves as a check in and accountability for your intentions to make the most of 2024. The timing of this retreat also aligns with the Lion’s Gate Portal (8/8) which is a powerful portal to unleash your inner light, shine and tap into abundance.

  • ✨ Be Part of a Community and Make New Friends: Personal development and growth can be lonely and isolating, especially when you feel like people don’t get you. Surround yourself with a sisterhood of like-minded women who think differently like you and are on their own journey to be the best version of themselves. They speak about energy too, know their human design and like you invest in themselves and growth! Be heard, seen and felt in a supportive, safe, judgement free and nurturing environment, build friendships that go beyond the retreat and belong to a group that uplifts and inspires.

Pre Retreat: Connection & Information

We will have a 60-90 minute call online via Zoom with everyone going to the retreat: that way you can get to know who’s coming before you meet in person. We’ll chat about how to and what to prepare before the retreat. I’ll share more details on the retreat and answer any questions!

Day 1 - Relax: Arrival & Sisterhood

As you arrive from 3pm the air is charged with the warmth of excitement, anticipation and connection! Meet your new friends and soul sisters going on this life-changing journey with you through heartfelt welcomes and meaningful conversations in our opening circle. I will make sure you are familiar with where we are staying, feeling comfortable and grounded before we immerse ourselves in nature for soul nourishment before dinner.

Day 2 - Reflect: Spaciousness & Self Discovery

In the bustling busyness of our daily lives, reflection often takes a back seat, drowned out by the demands of the world. Today we carve out sacred space and make time for ourselves to reflect and reconnect with our soul, going inwards.  It’s a deliberate pause —a chance to recalibrate, reassess and rediscover the essence of who you are. Our activity for the afternoon is connecting with the local organic community farm for a farm to table experience; with a tour to harvest the fresh ingredients we will use in a private cooking class preparing Balinese dishes. 

Day 3 - Release: Clear & Let Go

Today is a special day to feel unburdened and lighter paving the way forward in life for renewal. An energetic clearing will take place on all layers of your being, shedding stagnant energies and embracing the freedom that comes with letting go. Picture yourself amidst the serenity of our retreat, releasing and unlearning what no longer serves you, and making room for new possibilities.

We will spend the afternoon in an award-winning 5 star eco-luxury experience which includes a 3 course gourmet plant based lunch, cleansing letting go ceremony with a special Balinese priest transforming your past and present pain into power and purpose, blessings by the priest of abundance and health as well as lounging by the lush pool with views of the longest river in Bali that’ll have you feeling like a millionaire.

Day 4 - Revitalise: Create & Manifest

Awaken to your potential and unlock your creativity. We will harness and make the most of the powerful and transformative Lion’s Gate Portal of 2024 (8/8) through a hand’s on workshop that unlocks the secrets of manifestation and provides actionable insights on making your dreams a reality.

Turn aspirational into achievable.
Tune into your desires. Energise your dreams. The vibe is about fully embodying main character energy

Day 5 - Rebirth: Integrate & Rise

A transformational rite of passage dedicated to your symbolic rebirth —integrating the wisdom and insights you’ve gained and rising into a renewed sense of self. Your whole self.

This is where the past meets the present, through a gentle exploration of inner child work and embracing your divine feminine energy. We focus particularly on the heart, self love and acceptance.

Day 6 - Renewed: & Check Out

We celebrate the end of our transformational time together. Picture yourself on this morning as your renewed self, having grown so much. You feel powerful and confident, and ready to embrace the next chapter of your journey with newfound clarity and purpose.

This final day is not just an end; it’s a beautiful beginning—a launch pad for the woman you’ve become. Return home reinvigorated, you’ll be vibrant, magnetic and LIT UP.

Post Retreat - Personalised Care & Ongoing Development

My commitment to your personal growth extends far beyond the retreat experience. 

You will have a 60 minute 1:1 life coaching session with me (online via Zoom or in person Sydney, Australia) where I will check in with how you are feeling after the retreat. This session will be personalised based on what you desire and I will customise your session to delve deeper into your personal goals, tackle challenges, and help you plan to keep the momentum going. I will also be able to share intuitive insights from a reading with you in addition to elements of human design.

We will also have 1 x 60-90 minute group check in via Zoom online after the retreat after 2-4 to see how everyone is going and reconnect with one another.

Your growth doesn’t end; it evolves, and I’m here to accompany you every step of the way through the opportunity to continue working together through 1:1 or group coaching.

Where you will be staying

  • Ubud, Bali: Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods” due to it’s strong connection with spirituality with Ubud at the heart of it. Bali is a special place to my soul and every time I’ve personally been has always led to huge quantum leaps in abundance, self love, career growth, stronger intuition and a deeper connection to myself.

  • Luxury 4 star villa in a serene, peaceful and quiet UNESCO World Herritage Location.
    The Vibe? On top of a river gorge surrounded by rice paddies and indigenous forest yet close to the city centre.

  • All rooms are beautiful and the vibe below, your exact room to be determined once all guests confirmed will either be private or shared (twin single bed).

  • Private Accomodation with Daily Housekeeping – We will be the only ones there ensuring safety and security.

  • Swim or lounge by the infinity pool.

  • Relax in the open gazebo with views and sounds of the river.

    Cosy communal lounge room perfect for reading a book or lounging.

  • Yoga deck with stunning views.

Room Vibes

What's Included

This retreat has been designed so you don’t have to think or worry about anything. Let me take care of you and everything so you can relax! All you have to do is show up, enjoy the experience and step into your power through the itinerary I’ve curated for your highest growth. No worrying about what to do, where to go, budgeting additional money for excursions or food/drinks, I’ve taken care of it.

  • 5 nights in a 4 star luxury villa in Bali.
  • All inclusive meals including on site prepared by our own private chef.
  • 2 x off site excursions (where we will be doing activities together so you get to venture outside the Villa and experience Ubud too!).
  • Unlimited Bottled Water at the Villa from Dispenser, Coffee & Tea.
  • Access to Free Wi-Fi throughout the Villa.
  • Daily Yoga.
  • 3 x 60 minute massages on site in the villa.
  • Free Time (at least 2-3 hours each day which you can rest, spend time on your own or connect with other women on the retreat).
  • Life Coaching Workshops to accelerate your personal growth and development run by Phi.
  • 1 x 60-90 minute pre retreat group call
    1 x 1:1 60 minute life coaching session (post retreat)
    1 x 60-90 minute post retreat group call
  • Pick up from Airport (Denpasar, Ngurah Rai International Airport) and Drop Off (At Airport/Next Destination within Central Bali).
    *if you are landing in Bali earlier, I will organise you getting to the retreat location which may be potentially subject to additional charges if you’re outside Central Bali (more than 2/3 hours away from Ubud).

What's Not Included

What’s not included:

Flights to and from Bali (Denpasar, Ngurah Rai International Airport)
Travel Insurance (required)
Visa for Bali (required and easily organised)
Passport (Current, Up To Date Valid Passport with more than 6 months until expiry)

Daily Schedule Example

  • 7:30am – 8am: Morning Group Check In & Meditation 
  • 8am – 9am: Yoga
  • 9am – 10am: Breakfast
  • 10am – 11am/12pm: Workshop/Activity/Excursion
  • 11am -1pm: Free Time/Massage (Note: 3 Massages in total per person to redeem within the duration of the retreat)
  • 1pm – 2pm: Lunch
  • 2pm – 3pm: Workshop/Activity/Excursion
  • 4pm-6pm: Free Time 
  • 6pm-7pm: Dinner
  • 7pm onwards: Free Time/Pending Group Vibes Chats/Evening Practice/Activity 
  • 8:30pm: Evening Group Check In & Wind Down
  • Please note;
    This is subject to change. Given as an indicative to the structure and vibe of the retreat.
  • Meals will be served to the group collectively at the same time however you are welcome to take your food to your room to eat. No pressure to socialise! This retreat has been designed intentionally to allow connection and time to yourself too.


  • What will the weather be like?
    It will be lush and tropical; pleasantly warm and hot! August is the driest month of Bali all year with the least rainfall. The average temperature in Bali in August will be 20 – 29°C and on average only 3 days of the month rain.

  • I want to go but I feel nervous and scared about money…
    I totally understand it’s nerve wrecking fully investing in yourself! Can you put a price on what you’ll get out of the retreat? A life changing experience and transformation. This is the first retreat that I will run in Bali and likely the lowest investment. The retreat is competitively priced given the offering (only $1888 – $2444 AUD / $1200 – $1600 USD) it would typically be at least an investment starting from/ranging $2500-$4000 AUD / $1600 – $2700 USD.

    I wanted to make this affordable and accessible to the women who feel the pull to come! That’s why there is also the option of paying it off in instalments so you can budget accordingly.

    The payment plans are from $333-$444 AUD a month only (6 months if you secure your spot in January). That’s only $75-$115 AUD a week and to break it down further $10-$16 AUD a day! 

    I will do my best to give you the most enriching experience. I’ve felt the same way that you do (fear, anxiety, scarcity) and that’s why I’ve designed this retreat for you to leave being like “wow I got so much value and more out of the investment I made in myself, it was a no brainer and more than worth it, no regrets at all”.

    I take your investment as sacred and seriously. If you’re made it this far reading and feel the pull of your gut and intuition… it’s for a reason! If you keep getting a resounding yes in your body, you’ll know. Your intuition just knows if this is the retreat for you. If you want to chat with me, I’d be happy to! DM me on Instagram or email me to set up a free call (no obligations).

  • How do I secure my spot? What happens after I pay in full/my first instalment?


  • As above or at the bottom of this webpage, 1 of 4 buttons are available or click below too.

    Pay in Full: Shared room
    – Pay in Full: Private room
    – Payment Plan: Shared Room (6 months)
    – Payment Plan: Private Room (6 months)

    If you pay in full you are done! If you select a payment plan, it will be through instalments. Payments are made via PayPal subscription so you don’t have to worry about remembering to pay every month, it will automatically come out every month from the date you do your first payment (which is essentially your deposit).

    So exciting! Full payment will be due by the 1st of July 2024.

    Then in June or July Phi will set up a group call for everyone to meet, share more information such as what to expect, what to pack, getting your affairs in order to attend the retreat (e.g. Visa, passport). It’s recommended after securing your spot to take out comprehensive travel insurance including trip cancellation (in the unlikely event that the retreat doesn’t go ahead as there aren’t enough people).

    If I am sharing a room, how does that work?

    It will be in a large spacious room/cottage within the Villa with an en-suite bathroom twin share (single bed each). Please let me know if you are booking with someone you know to share with otherwise once all the women are confirmed, I’ll match you up with another woman coming on the retreat (who you’ll meet before the retreat starts online!)

    Flights are not included, what more details do I need to know to book my flight?

  • In terms of booking your flights it will be to Bali, Indonesia; Ngurah Rai International Airport also known as Denpasar International Airport – on Google Maps sometimes appears as I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport.

    I recommend either arriving the day/evening before on the 4th of August 2024 and staying in central Ubud (happy to provide recommendations where to stay prior pending your desires and budget, note not included in the pricing) or flying in on the 5th of August 2024 when the retreat begins arriving before 1pm to ensure enough time to get from the airport to the Villa. The retreat finishes on the 10th of August 2024 in the morning, so I recommend an evening flight on the same day or flying out the next day/after to give yourself time to integrate and relax before heading home/next destination. 

  • How many women are needed for this trip?
    The trip is going ahead! In less than 24 hours going live we have only 1 space left!

  • How do I get to the retreat and what happens after?
    This is taken care of, Phi will ensure you are picked up and dropped off to your next destination so you don’t have to stress or worry. This may be subject to additional costs if you are going somewhere 2/3 hours further than Ubud, Bali where we are staying to cover driver and fuel costs.

  • Do you cater to dietary requirements?
    Yes! Every body is different and that will be catered for. So important to listen to what your body needs.

  • Will there be free time to explore Bali?
    The retreat includes 2 x excursions together as a group which I’ve personally chosen based on going to Bali multiple times and picking the best of the best. It’s recommended to arrive earlier to check out Ubud or do it after the more ‘touristy’ things, Phi is happy to help you put together an itinerary based on what you desire.

  • How many people will be on the retreat?
    A maximum of 10 women depending on the configuration of the rooms (private or twin share). There are 5 rooms available in total at our luxury private Villa. E.g. it may be 5 only women with all private rooms or it could be 8 for example 2 private rooms and 3 shared.

  • Will there be free time for myself?
    Yes absolutely at least 2-3 hours a day! There is no pressure to do everything either, I want you to listen to how you feel, your body and what you want to do. The women on the retreat are similar to you because the vibe is connection and community as well as time to self.

  • Will there be alcohol and partying?
    No this is a retreat with the intention for personal growth and development. I don’t want to risk or have anything to impair and influence your mind, body, energy or soul.

  • What if I’ve never been on a retreat before?
    AH! My heart is so full and it would be such an honour and privilege to have me as your support and guide for your first retreat. This retreat will be amazing whether you are new to your spirituality and personal growth or you’ve been immersed in it for a few years. It’s normal to be nervous, excited and all emotions are welcome. Phi will support you in getting ready for the retreat (to be discussed and personalised to you in our pre retreat group call!).

  • Will I have 1:1 time with Phi?
    You’ll likely have 1 to 1 chats with Phi given the small and intimate nature of the group. You definitely will after the retreat with a 1:1 60 x minute life coaching call included to support you after the retreat.

  • Can I come by myself or with a friend/family member/coworker?
    Yes! You’ll either choose a private room to yourself or if you pick a shared room: let me know if you have someone coming with you or you’ll be paired up with a new friend also attending the retreat!

  • What time is check in and check out?
    Check in is from 3pm on the 5th of August 2024 and check out will be on the 10th of August a time between 10am-1pm, to be confirmed.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me and I’m happy to chat with you including a call!

    What are the terms and conditions of the retreat?

An intimate women's only retreat in Bali 5th-10th August 2024